Blues From The Red Sons

by Bloodnut

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  • Blues From The Red Sons
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The debut album from Bloodnut - band of gingers, The culmination of four years as a band and multiple line up changes.

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10% of all album sales to go to The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) -

"Oranzig" - Nato from Beastwars

This is really rad, ripping riffs & funny as fuck! - Jason Lei Howden - Writer/ Director of Deathgasm

"Bloodnut’s full-length debut, Blues from the Red Sons, features rip-roaring guitars, booming vocals, and thundering percussion – making for 666 tons of sludge, doom and stoner metal. However, Bloodnut also serve up all of that noise with a giant grin from ear to ear." - Craig Hayes

"Blues From The Red Sons is packed full of heavy sludge/stoner riffs that’s merged with a catchy almost violent pop based melody. These guys pay homage to bands such as Valient Thorr, RED FANG, Beastwars Band and also Kyuss. Though their sound still has an identity of their own and that’s down to the excellent lyrics the band have written throughout the album." - Steve Howe Outlaws Of The Sun -

"The distorted bass sounds vast throughout this album and blends very nicely with the guitar, meanwhile the drums thump along like a 10th century Scandinavian’s southward conquest ...This is a good time, warrior drinking, horn waving (both drinking and gestural), head banger." - Fluff-o Von Fluffz -


released September 10, 2016

Recorded and engineered by Paul Lawrence at Revaulting Records.
Bass and Acoustic guitar recorded by Dean Baxter at Davco
Mastered by Nich Cunningham.

Additional guitar on Agent Orange and participation in the ranga-gang vocals on songs throughout the album by Kyle Wetton
Bagpipes on Beneath The Kilt by Oscar West


all rights reserved



Bloodnut Auckland, New Zealand

Stoner Sludge band of gingers from Auckland New Zealand. See what happens when an all red head band descended from viking warriors (probably) get might get heavy.

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Track Name: Agent Orange (In The Eyes Of Thine Enemies)
Agent orange
In the eyes of thine enemies
Track Name: Drop Dead Redhead
Amber by name
Amber by mane
fire in her eyes
I'm between her thighs
she's cutting off my air supply
I dont wanna DIE!!

Drop Dead Red head
Demon in the sack
Drop Dead Red head
fatal soul attack

She is pure hellfire
runs hot with desire
dont ask about her old flames
your fate will be the same

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
she'll swallow your soul you'll be dead by dawn
Track Name: Vitamin D
We weren’t born the same
There’s something throbbing in our veins
The 2% and us alone
We can make it on our own

You’ve gotta vitamin D Deficiency
Come get your dose from me
See how efficiently I can grow my D
Come get your dose of D

Take it from us we're more evolved
We don’t tan well well problem solved
Don’t need a pill don’t need the sun
We don’t go grey, forever young

A freakish mutation
In our genes
It’s in our D.N.A
It’s in our genes
Track Name: The Amber Reign Remains
They say we are a dying breed
Naysayers blame the recessive gene
Don't believe everything you read
They are fools to doubt the viking seed

Red will never fade away
Long may amber reign
Red will never fade to black
The amber reign remains

We ain't going out like that
We ain't going out without a fight
Track Name: The Witches Mountain
The Preacher-Man won't tell me
Anything I don't already know...
He can’t keep me from her
Bewitched I am!
Her hands caress my demons
She will take me Down! 
So I go up to her mountain
Through the forest, in the fog
Where the angels speak her name
In ancient tongue
Bewitched I am!
Though I taste the poison 
Brought into your coven! 
As I gazed down from the mountain, 
Past the darkness in the trees
City lights, familiar skylines beckon me... 
Bewitched I am,
And there is no escaping
She will lead me down! 
So I walked into her quarters
Her reflection, menacing
And written with her lipstick on the mirror: 
Leave your world behind and dwell in mine
Track Name: Subtlety In The Streets
When the night is dark and dirty 
Nothing but a bottle of wine and her boots on
There are no regrets
Cos darling I only fuck to the best

I only fuck to my own songs
That's how I do it all night long
I only make love to my own songs
Baby, tell me how that is wrong

Subtlety in the street
My hearts on fire
Right kind of lady to meet
My heart is racin'

Your missus is screaming your name to my songs
These are the tunes that get her off
You can thank me with cash in the post
Cos' you got to tie her to the bedpost

When the night is dark and dirty 
Track Name: Fire Giant
Called, called, down from the mountain 
Throne of the flaming temple, 
Our secret agent orange, 
Born and bred for battle
Down through the woods and up from the caves
The villagers he passes are now our slaves
He's true to the disciples of the firethrone
To join with our horde where his wrath is sewn
Ascend from the underworld
and rise up with the great Volcano
A fire giant on the horizon
So stand up and be counted
Amongst the winds of the red tornado
A fire giant on the horizon! 
He is beckoning us
He is beckoning us
He is beckoning us
The red hordes
To go forth into warfare, 
With burning shields and golden swords
Ascend, rise up, defend, shed blood
with the fire giant on the horizon! 
Track Name: Red Face Blues
One by one
We gather to face the sun
Face it head on

Rah rolls round again
Chasing the dark away

Daylight comes
With it pain
Daylight comes
Come the red face blues

Dawn has come
We turn towards the sun
And face it head on

Apollo rides round again
To banish the dark away

Here comes the sun
It's not alright
It giveth life
And it taketh away

Come the red face blues
Track Name: The Battle Of Bannockburn Pt1: Valhalla

To die with a sword in your hand
And be resurrected
I'll see you at the beer hall in the sky

it's better to die on your feet
Than live on your knees

To die by an axe to the chest
On Valkrie wings you'll be taken
To the hall of the slain

So sing your noble death son
And die like a hero going Home!

And on the day that I die
Lay me down on the pyre
Light that vessel on fire
And launch me out in to the aegir
Track Name: The Battle Of Bannockburn Pt2: Send in the Berserkers
Not a second thought for their own well being
Are they animal or humans being
Bred for violence, known for bloodlust
With a trance like fury, they are odins men

Send in the berserkers first
Fearlessness is dangerous
Send in the berserkers first
War drunk and murderous

Shields crash like thunder,
Steal on steal rings
Like omega hounds
They fear nothing

Bite the shield
Drench the field
In your blood
Track Name: The Battle Of Bannockburn Pt3: Beneath The Kilt
Brothers and fathers and sons
That had bled with Wallace and Moray
Starving, outnumbered, out armed
They charged the battle field anyway

Beneath the kilt
Blood was spilt
On the fields of Bannockburn
Fought like warrior poets
Won their freedom
On the fields of Bannockburn!

Butchers and farmers lay down
their lives for freedom on that day
starving, outnumbered, out armed
they retuned victorious anyway


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