St. Ranga

by Bloodnut

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released August 1, 2017

Bass & Vocals: Doug McFarlane
Guitar: Nick Smith
Guitar: Kyle Wetton
Drums: Ty Boniface

All songs written by Smith/McFarlane/Boniface

Recorded live at Shithead studios by Elliot Lawless
Mastered by Nich Cunningham
Album Art by Tim Evans


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Bloodnut Auckland, New Zealand

Stoner Sludge band of gingers from Auckland New Zealand. See what happens when an all red head band descended from viking warriors (probably) get might get heavy.

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Track Name: The Space Orangutan
Look in to the night sky
Find the blood red star
Non believers will tell you
That it's Mars
It's not the red planet
It's a great space ape
To deny his existence
Would be a grave mistake

He is wise
As far as you know
He is everywhere an nowhere
As far as you know
He is just and fair
as far as you know
He is everywhere an nowhere
As far as you know

Praise be to the space orangutan
He'll rip your arms out of your sockets and beat you with them
Bow down to the space orangutan
He'll rip you limb from limb if you don't follow him

He is wise
As far as you know
He works in mysterious ways
As far as you know
He is everywhere an nowhere
As far as you know
He is just there
As far as you know

Thou shalt not
Worship others before him
False idols
will be smashed and eaten

Let him who is full of shit
Cast the first hand full of shit

Your imaginary deity
Is no more powerful than ours
Track Name: That Fire Inside
Was a real bloodnut
Blood set on boil
Fire in his gut

L. Ron Hubbard
Made a religion up
Until Xenu
Beemed that nutter up

That fire inside
Gonna burn you up
It keeps us warm
Gotta stoke it up!

Vinnie Van Gogh!
Was a ginger nut
Lopped of his ear
And posted it

Lizzy Borden
Lady get your axe
Chopped up your folks
Lady face the facts
Track Name: Red Dead Riders
Heads hung in shame are heads heavy with blame.

The law is enraged.
Rose Red was his daughter
Found her in the bath
She was dead in the water

That redheaded fuck
She'd been seeing will hang
The law won't give up
He'll hang the whole gang

Not brothers by blood
Brothers by persecution
Constantly on the move
To escape prosecution

Trying to clear their name
To achieve their redemption
Find the man who killed rose
And beat out a confession

Red Dead Riders, Ride!
Ride to escape the shadow of the noose
Outcast outlaws run
They ride at dusk their flaming manes
Camouflaged by the setting sun

The harsh desert heat
Turns their pale skin to red
Their exhausted horses
Are damn near dead

Hot on their trail
Comes the law and his gallows
Times running short
Suffer the slings and the arrows

Ride faster the law is on your heals
Ride further he's breathing down your neck.

Heads hung in shame are heads heavy with blame.
Heads held up high aren't afraid to die
Track Name: Song Of Fire And Ice
In the land of ice and fire
More north than the northmen
Had ever gone before
The fire giant Surtr
Makes his presence known
He gaurds the gates of Muspell
The fiery realm from whence he was born

Subterranean corpse dwarves dwell
Under the mountain
Underground as maggots live in flesh
They stand before stone doors
And warn with a hiss and a roar
Take heed and be gone from this place

The trickster god lies there
Bound underground in the
Entrails of his sons
The serpent above him drips
Venom in to his face
When he shudders from the pain
The earth shudders with him

Muspell’s sons forge burning roads
Through the earth and rock
Straight down to hell
The sky splits apart
Ripped asunder by burning
Pillars of fire

They saw a lake of fire
Let cry this is the end of time
They assumed this must be

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